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Blue Lights Logline: A young woman who is saved from drug addiction by Jesus Christ sets out to cle

EVEE SMITH has hit rock bottom, and hit it hard. After a night of hard drinking and drugging with her boyfriend, HUNTER, and her best friends ALEXIS and LANDON, she foolishly tries to drive home with her infant son SHAYE in the backseat. Without making it more than a few miles, she sees the blue lights of a patrol car in her rearview mirror and is pulled over. Before she knows it, she is arrested for possession, hauled away to jail, and must watch from the back of the police car as a CPS worker takes away her son.
It is only while Evee is going through the hell of opiate withdrawals in jail that she finally accepts the hopelessness of her situation. Even so, she sees no hope of ever breaking free from the chains of addiction that bind her until a cellmate introduces her to Jesus Christ. Evee accepts the Lord Jesus into her heart, and by His power, is miraculously delivered from all withdrawal symptoms and cravings for drugs. Soon after, she is released on bail.
Once back in her small Appalachian hometown, Evee becomes determined to regain custody of her child and assist other addicts in finding their own peace and healing through God’s saving grace. It won’t be easy, however, as she must deal with a boyfriend who still likes to party, a corrupt mayor who has no desire to see “his” town get clean, Cartel members who are getting rich off the town’s misery, and dark spiritual forces that want to destroy anyone serving Jesus Christ, the only Son of God. The courageous journey she embarks upon is one filled with danger, betrayal, and even death, but ultimately, everlasting love and light.
The screenplay for the pilot episode of Blue Lights is complete at 3,400 words, and detailed outlines are available for all of the first season’s episodes.
Blue Lights is based on the true story of how I found deliverance from addiction through salvation in Jesus Christ. Although it is a fictional television series, many of the characters and plotlines of the show are based on the people and events I experienced an addict and young Christian.
Completely drug-free for the past twelve years, I live with my husband, Tony, in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia, along with my two children and our many pets.