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Steve Copper Goes back in time when a old building which in 1903 was owned and operatated by the Carnation Movie Company comes to life. Steve Copper's job transfered him to Chicago. He moved into a old brownstone across a street their was a long one story building that took up half of the block. Burns College occupied the building they taught day classes in art, music and two courses on the history of American film and foregin film by 5:00 pm the school was closed for the day. One night Steve was walking home and then all of sudden the air was filled with a light blue mist. He was on the other side of the street in front of the school building. He looked around him the street lights had a different look and the street was laid in brick. He looked up at the front of the building it had a huge sign and lights shinning below the sign. In big letters Carnation Movie Company each side of the title had a drawing of a white carnation. He convince himsef he was not was drunk shared a bottle of wine with his girlfriend during dinner. Steve laughed and figured this was one of those unusual dreams. He shook his head couple of times and even pinch himself everthing was still there. The side door opened a man in a old looking uniform came out. Steve asked who he is? The man explained to Steve I am the security guard and pointed to his badge and said his name is Benson. He tells Steve to get away from the studio because Sidney Pine will be coming. Steve asks Benson what day is it? He tells him October 8 1903. He takes his newspaper and shows Steve the front of the paper with the day and year. Then told Steve to go home and sleep it off. A huge white car was coming down the street and stopped in front of the studio. The driver jumped out of the car and opened the door a small man dress in a tuxedo wearing a black derby and twirling a cane came strutting out of the car. He passes Steve and tips his hat. Steve stood there motionless. The guard opens the back door and tells Mr. Pine good evening and good luck with your movie. The guard told Steve if he didn't leave he will call the police. Steve walked across the street and turned his head the guard was watching him. Steve ran fast inside his building and ran up the stairs to the third floor. He ran to his balconey looking across the street. He notice the guard was gone the sign on the building was gone. The building looked empty. Steve figured it was one of those weird dreams. Still he couldn't resist going out on his balconey and looking across the street. The Carnation Movie Company comes to life only for Steve. Sidney Pine tells Steve that he and the rest of the actors are ghosts. Sidney explaines to Steve since we died during certain times it was hard to get eveyone together.This is liked a reunion and the only time will be together. After this movie we will go our separtate ways. The studio produces silent movies mostly comedy. Sidney Pine was the main attraction. Sidney and Steve become friends and becomes Steve's mentor. During the day Steve works at his job at night he is cast member for the Carnation Movie Studio. How does Steve explaines this to his friends?