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Save the last species

The government of Cameroon a country in Central Africa has just made a very bizarre discovery recoverinh some one hundred ivories from an unknown ivory network.In an attempt to shed some light on the network and crack it down, it now escalates into a new form of international terrorism as the British and the West are also attacked.
This action spy thriller which starts from Cameroon shuttling the world into the United States, Great Britain, Italy, Russia and South Africa comes in two parts.
ln the first part the Cameroon government is very convinced he is going to crack down the network very easily but when his investigative is wiped out, he now understands it is an elite network almost impossible to crack down. In the course of wiping out the Cameroon investigative team, the British and the United States are arrogantly humiliated as they too are attacked. And in the second part of the story the Cameroon government fears that if he continues, he going to lose many more people now takes the back seat while the British and the United States now double up to crack down the network