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My true story

Seven years ago I saw a cartoon a man walked up to a dog the dog jumped up the man grabbed the dog's head and went into a backward roll it looked great months pass I received a phone call from my friends daughter saying pick up the dog when I got there the police let me in I felt the presence of a spirit I looked up it looked like the virus bar code only different I went out side with the dog I felt the spirit enter my mind love poured out of my eyes into the dog's eyes I felt my eye sparkel the dog stood up on his back legs I took two steps back the pittbull walked towards me and jumped I heard a voice say grabbe his head and pull him towards you we went into a backward roll like the cartoon only better the police witnessed it only thay did not see what I saw thay think IAM a legend but I don't two spirits entered me that night a lady spirit to keep me carm the other a American Indian spirit he was my twin brother in my past life we played with a pet wolf like that when we were young true story