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She's No Lavendra

"She's No Lavendra" is a contemporary fairytale-inspired romance with palace plotting, international intrigue, murderous villains, and action.

"She's No Lavendra" logline -- An angry teenaged (19) American single mother agrees to marry the ratfink prince who done her wrong before he dies (good riddance!) and thereby provide the male heir his country desperately needs so it won't be absorbed, by ancient treaty, into the tyranny next door.

Set in the tiny fictional principality of Molinor in Eastern Europe on the Black Sea, the creepy palace is home to the prince, his mother, his two hot sisters, and seven Noble Widows who married into the family in previous generations and now live together, do good works, and have fun. Those who live in nearby quarters and come to work in the palace are the household staff, buff security agents, and Councilors of State. Townspeople also figure in the story, particularly an annoying tabloid reporter.

After Beth and Mike are united in a deathbed wedding, she doesn't know what she should do after he dies. Stay as regent and help raise her baby Danny to be the prince? Take him and return to her great-aunt's boarding house in North Carolina and let Mike's mother be regent? Or leave him behind? Her quandary changes when Mike unexpectedly begins to recover. Give him an annulment so he can marry his glamorous fiancée and let them raise the baby? Stay in a loveless marriage and be near her son? Return to America with or without Danny?

Though Beth is young and plain compared to the nonpareil Lavendra, the previous American-born princess who died a century before, she proves to be very good for Molinor. She solves a mystery that has cursed the royal family for generations, uncovers murderous moles, learns her own true identity, helps Mike stop a nuke in the palace, and finds the fabulous lost necklace that belonged to Lavendra. Lavendra's ghost becomes her "fairy godmother" and returns at the happy-ending ball to say goodbye to Beth and Mike.