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True Story 'Torture'

A nightmare true story of an U.S/British citizen incarcerated in a highly notorious Panamanian Prison. Denied due justice and basic human rights, he, along with his Panamanian employee, were tried twice for the same alleged crime and twice found innocent. It resulted in his deportation from Panama by the Panamanian state for life, despite his innocent verdict. Penniless and with no resources, he has been forcibly separated from his young children. Having moved to the United States and 'made it' as a highly successful entrepreneur and business man, he unknowingly wed an illegal alien. His marriage breakdown resulted in a malicious charge, two long years of incarceration, torture by the National Police, slander by the media and eventually the loss of everything, including his health. This, no holds barred, unimaginable tale includes conspiracies in the highest ranks of the Panamanian government.How could all of this happen to one man and his family? It did...


I am Nick Tuffney, a 60-year-old US and British citizen, and my life has been marred by a traumatic experience in Panama that has left me in desperate need of financial redress and justice. This harrowing journey began when my ex-wife abducted our 6-year-old son, Jason, taking him to Panama. In my relentless fight to reunite with him, I faced repeated imprisonments, brutal torture at the hands of the national police, public degradation, and relentless defamation. Ultimately, I was unjustly expelled from Panama, leaving my innocent US-born son behind, all under the pretext of national security.

My heartache doesn't end there. I have two other daughters from a subsequent marriage, who are indigenous Indians living in the jungles of Panama. Over their 11 years of life, they have only spent 90 days with me. The strain on my family was too much to bear, and my wife has now sought a divorce as I am never allowed back into the country.

Adding to my woes, I suffered staggering financial losses, totaling millions of dollars. My investments, including a teak and mahogany plantation and numerous properties, were decimated during this tumultuous period.

While my case of torture was upheld by authorities in Geneva, Panama continues to deny any responsibility for the severe consequences it has wrought upon my life, including my declining health. I am urgently calling for my case to be publicized, not only to seek financial redress but also to hold the perpetrators accountable for their heinous actions. A public apology is the very least that can begin to address the injustices I've endured.

To compound matters, since returning to the US, I have been handed a stage 4 cancer diagnosis, introducing an element of uncertainty about my future. I am reaching out to you in search of influential media solutions, as time is of the essence. I implore you to help shed light on my plight, not only for my sake but as a testament to the importance of seeking justice and rectifying the gravest of wrongs.

Injustice on an unemanagable scale: