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Query Film script/ Title: For True Love


LOG LINE: For True Love presents a classical theme of love and marriage - attacking racialism and the glory of war, which are two great evils of the world - showing humanism is the supreme instinct or emotion, and there is no place for war and racialism in any civilized society - revealing all human beings should do whatever is in the interest of humankind, not in stupid glories.
Julie and Jain are the central characters in this screenplay, who struggle for love and marriage because they belong to different races. Finally, their true love enables them to love and marry while society is against their will.
The target audience of this film is most likely to be millions of men and women all over the world in the age range of 18 and up who enjoy screenplays such as Robert Roy Pool and Jonathan Hensleigh's Armageddon, Marc Klein’s A Good Year, and Neil Jordan's The Crying Game.