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Hatcher A 6 part, hour long television mini-series

Personal Message:
This is a six episode television series based on the book "Hatcher" written by Ernest Roberson, Sr.

A young man comes back to life within the realm of a supernatural swamp creature as described in various native American stories about a swamp monster.

Deep in the swamps of the Okefenokee lives Hatchetface.

Betrayed by his friends, mauled by alligators and left for dead, he arose from his watery grave with superhuman strength, an indestructible body, and a vengeance as old and unstoppable as the land itself. Consumed with bloodlust, he patrols the swamps, protecting his home with an array of crude weapons.

But, is Hatchet face just a myth, cooked up to scare the locals from venturing too far into the swamps, or at least that's what every one thinks.