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I am not a man, I'm a wolf

Title: I am not a man, I'm a wolf

The story begins with the brutal murder of a former KLA fighter in Kosovo in 2004. It then focuses on Maxim, a young man suffering from amnesia who has an unusual disorder - he wakes up every morning with bloody hands and clothes torn by bullets. Labeled as a serial killer for events that are beyond his control, he escapes to the mountains, away from people, where he spends his days with a wolf and a sick boy.
The action then focuses on Constantine, a retired member of the military intelligence service of Serbia, whose son was tortured and killed. In search of the evidence that led to his son's murder, Constantine meets Maxim and the two of them, each for their own reasons, reveal a plot to cover up a crime at the top of the Government. But the system does not stand still while these two tear it down. All the resources of the intelligence and security structures are engaged in their liquidation. Demir, the master of intrigue and blackmail, the prophesied antichrist himself, leads the operation and is ready to do anything just to complete his assignment. By the end, it will turn out that there is much more connecting these three, that in their shared past lies the cause of Maxim's amnesia and the death of Constantine's son.
In a story full of betrayal, revenge and supernatural occurrences, will the truth shine bright enough to move the masses of submissive slaves?

Genre: Action/Thriller/Mystery
Comparison: Nothing I can think of
Note: The screenplay is based on my copyrighted book