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Beat cops finding their way through the daily menu of drugs, violence and compelling characters.

Producers should be aware that the CBC expressed serious interest in this project, suggesting I attach a production company and re-submit.

The Stroll
Old movies and novels often contained scenes wherein a character who was being arrested would say to the arresting officer, “I’ll have you back walking a beat” and this was supposed to be a threat to the police officer's career and status. In the real world of policing, uniformed beats in high-crime areas are highly coveted assignments. Beat officers are counted upon to be their own bosses and be very productive in terms of arrests and information obtained about criminal activity in their neighborhood.
The famous cop turned author, Joe Wambaugh developed a character called the “Oracle” in his series of “Hollywood Station” books. The Oracle was an old patrol sergeant who told his troops that “doing good police work is the most fun you’ll ever have”, and the Oracle was right! I spent many years walking foot beats in two notorious Vancouver areas and experienced everything from the adrenaline rush of being shot at to the hilarity of an old drunk wearing plastic glasses with a penis nose as a disguise to try and get back into a bar from which he’d previously been banned.
The Stroll is intended to be gritty and real, like life on the street, but it will also reflect those moments of the absurd that are so much a part of life on the street. The Stroll is intended to be character-driven, not crime of the week. Police officers are possibly the least politically correct group in society and that will be reflected in the dialogue and dark humour. “Cop Talk” can be an entirely different language. We will concentrate on four teams that operate in four distinct fashions and the situations they encounter in both their professional and personal lives.