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Logline: Confined in a decrepit motel room, Tyrell and Mike discover they have more than one thing in common that can cost them their lives.

Genre: Drama / Horror

Type: Short

Synopsis: The story opens with a black screen. A distorted voice talking hostile is heard followed by three gunshots. Eight hours earlier comes on the screen. Now we see Dawn and Tyrell texting each other raunchy messages. While the two are texting, Tyrell gets a phone call from Keysha. The two continue texting, and Tyrell is lying to Keysha about his location, but he promises to spend time with her.

That night, Tyrell arrives home to an intimate layout. When he prepares to enter the bedroom he gets knocked out by someone holding a bat. When Tyrell awakes, he's standing on a chair with his hands tied behind his back, but his life is in danger because mere inches in front of him is a ceiling fan with razor blades glued on them, spinning low.