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Urbex Battleground

Charlotte, aged 80, is on a quest for revenge, but she wants to be canny about it, she wants everything stitched up to avert suspicion from herself for the murder of male freemasons, she is using her granddaughter Megan, a rookie police officer and her granddaughter’s lesbian lover, Jacqui, who is, at Charlotte’s instigation, a reluctant serial killer who uses the cover of Urbex activities to commit murder.

Charlotte uses her female freemasonry contacts, those sympathetic to her cause as an avenging angel against evil, arrogant and misogynistic men. Megan uses Jacqui’s contacts in the Urbex community to help cover Jacqui’s tracks despite being engaged in investigating her activities at the same time. Megan is soon to be a Freemason herself, and Megan’s boss is already female police chief and a freemason too and thus allied to Charlotte in so many ways.

Antagonists are Henry, Megan’s police colleague and Archibald, Megan’s dad, a vile bully who murdered her Mum and is the ultimate target of Charlotte’s revenge. Both of these men are freemasons who are actively anti-women in general and women freemasons in particular.