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Sun down town

What if the sun went out?
Slice of life movie about the sun going out
set in present day
the government knows the sun will go out in 3 business days
people go on about their lives but with flood lights
vitamin d companies break records
the bedlam is an after thought as the government supplies massive lighting for everyday life
3/4 shot at night
just day to day life with an occasional vitamin d reminder
"Did you hear about the new grow station"
"Kinda sucks not havin sun"
"yeah, oh well"
people walk around with lights on their heads or flashlight
literally eternal sunshine at night
shot of sun flickering out like a light bulb
maybe Stanley Tucci as a cast member for daily life
movie will open with government officials discussing how much time until sun turns off
cut to main character deciding what snack to get at gas station around 3pm
shot of main character pulling into work at 8 am but it's pitch black
shot of main character pulling into burger king and interacting with intercom
shot of character eating lunch in parking lot watching famous youtuber