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When Castro takes over Cuba A well know Cuban doctor was jailed by Castro. His son Alberto his daughter and wife were able to escape and end up in New York. The son ends up working in a New York nightclub owned by former Mafia boss. Alberto was getting the tables ready for tonight performance. When the former Mafia boss and his men heard him sing. They like his singing so much they hired him to be the night clubs main performer. A former F.B.I. agent who put this Mafia boss in prison a while ago came to check up on him. He asked him where he got the singer. The boss told him he escape from Cuba with his mother and sister. Castro put his father in jailed. The former F.B.I. agent mentioned about the nightclub the boss had in Havana. When Castro came into power you had to leave Cuba and shut down your nightclub. Wouldn't you want that club back. The boss said he would. It was a money maker. According to my sources a Frenchmen ownes it. He told the boss he is with the Central Intelligence Agency and they want Castro eliminated. The agent has an idea he needs the boss's help. My agency will recurit your singer. Will train him. Some way to get him in this club. It would either be him or one of our Cuban agents that will eliminate Castro or both will do it. Will make a promise to Alberto that will try to get his father out of prison. This singer is good he's natural. When Castro and his people find out about him and word gets around that he is a good performer.Castro could become a regular at this club. Then we will put a plan into effect to kill Castro. With Castro gone you will get your club back.