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Walker-Turner "Driver" series Bench top Jointer

I was recently given an obviously old "walker-Turner" Driver series bench top jointer. After about 6 hours of TLC and doing what all tinkerers do (I tore it completely apart.. cleaned it better than it's been cleaned in at least as long as it's been in existance), I have it running nicely. Here is my problem. I have absolutely NO literature on it. Can't FIND any literature other than references to "antique" catelogs. Does ANYONE know where I might find an owners manual, or any information on this great old tool. It does make wonderful pieces of wood, and after I sharpen the blades, I am sure it's going to serve me just fine. I would just like to know a little more about it and any little tricks that the company had to make it a little easier to work with. I can honestly say I have never seen an open belt, electric motor driven piece of equipment anywhere like this one, I just don't want to change the motor driving the belt and over speed it or screw it up since I am sort of growing attached to it.

As a side note for you history buffs... the jointer itself is belt driven.. run by a VERY old motor that accompanied it. The motor itself weighs about 40 pounds, is the same matching color as the jointer and runs very nicely. I'm not even sure I could find brushes for it anymore should I need to replace them in the future.
I would appreciate ANY information anyone has.

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