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How I Remember Susan

She was a woman of beauty...No other could compare to her natural beauty.

She had her own 'bouncy' walk....No other had the 'HAYWARD WALK'

She had her own laugh that you could not mistake by any other

Always that kind of high pitched 'chirp' that was only hers.

She had a voice that was smokey, warm and sometimes harsh to

prove her point...But it was her's and her's alone. No other

could compare to it and once you heard her speak, you would not forget to whom it belonged.

She could be cold as a polar bear's foot...or warm as a strawberry summer, with just a whisp of southern magnolia wind to warm your heart forever.

She could make you laugh, cry and learn from life's hard knocks. You always believed her...what she was telling you...

up there on that sceeen. And what she did was pull you through some hard times in life....or show you that no matter

how hard life gets...if you struggle, you will come out of it


She was surely....A WINNER....a very beautiful person both on and off the screen....who is very much missed....

God be with you, dear Susan....

Re: How I Remember Susan


Those were beautiful words about our Lady, She was the best in the film industry. Her Laugh, Walk,beauty,kindness sweetness will be missed ,but Thank God we have her memorys on film. She will never be forgotting. With Love & respect.