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Can anybody identify this Susan movie?

Hi Everyone..

I received an email from someone looking for a particular Susan Hayward movie. I can't think of to which one she might be referring.. it's probably really obvious and I'm just drawing a blank. Can anyone help? Here is her message below:
I'm trying to find a Susan Hayward movie for my Mom. The only information I have is that there was a red fox in the movie. Susan was chasing the fox and fell in a hole. Can you HELP?

Re: Can anybody identify this Susan movie?

Hi, Ginger. The only movie of hers that I can remember in which she fell was Woman Obsessed, although I don't specifically remember a fox. But since she had a farm, it's certainly possible.

Hope this helps.

Re: Re: Can anybody identify this Susan movie?

Thanks, Gloria...I'll suggest that film to her.

Re: Re: Can anybody identify this Susan movie?

Well....since I haven't been over here for a long time...because of family situation...I will TRY to help on this question.

There is a fox scene in UNTAMED with Susan and Tyrone
Power on the fox hunt, where one of them fall from their horse...There is also TAPP ROOTS where Susan is
mamed for life...and she falls.

BUT...my question is she really looking for a SUSAN film, or is she getting Susan mixed up with JENNIFER
JONES, who had a wild spark of Susan's quality..AND..
had a pet fox in THE WILD HEART, which also starred
DAVID FARRAR. At the end of that film, she and the fox fall into a well. There is also a British title for this film...and that is...GONE TO EARTH. It is in
Technicolor and I always thought it would have been a great vehicle for a young Susan and feel there could be a confusion on it being Jennifer and not Susan that they are looking for. Errol