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A Susan Quote/Which Film?

Here's some more testing of your Susan skills..

Below is a quote from one of her films...which film?

"When you're dying from thirst, you'll drink from a mudhole."

Re: A Susan Quote/Which Film?

Ginger: This one is driving me crazy. It sounds familiar, yet I don't know for sure what film it's from, so I'm going to take a guess.

The obvious ones would be I'll Cry Tomorrow, Valley of the Dolls or Where Love Has Gone; however, I'm guessing The Honey Pot, only because it sounds like the kind of comment Susan's character would have made.


Re: A Susan Quote/Which Film?

Yes Gloria, it has been driving me crazy also. (Probably not too far to drive in my case ??).
Ginger, if it is not one of Gloria's suggestions, any chance it was "Smash-Up, the Story of a Woman" ??