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America in the 1940's/Susan

Tonight I watched a wonderful program on PBS called America in the 1940's.....It was packed full of songs, film clips, personal stories of average folk, and war footage. At the very beginning of the program, a film clip of Susan (a great close-up)was shown from "My Foolish Heart" . There were very few big female stars shown that I can recall and Susan was one of them and at the beginning! The program is
wonderful. It brought me to tears. I am a child of the late 40's ---born 1948--but the 1940's is my favorite time period in regard to movies, music, and fashions. It was so nostalgic and heartwarming. I hope you all can get to see it. This was Part 1, and I'm not sure yet when Part 2 will be shown, but I'll definitely do my best to find out. Also, I think PBS programs are shown at different times in different areas, so check your local listings or the PBS website. If you love the movies and music of the '40's, you'll love this program!