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More Susan Trivia -- Another Quote

Here's another Hayward line from one of her movies. Can you guess which one?

"It's never too soon to live."

Re: More Susan Trivia -- Another Quote

Gloria...I think I'm stumped on this one. I can just "hear" Susan saying these words but I can't recall which film.. I'll Cry Tomorrow?

Re: Re: More Susan Trivia -- Another Quote

Hi, Ginger. It wasn't I'll Cry Tomorrow, although it certainly could have been. It was Untamed, in a scene in which Susan had come to Africa and re-met Tyrone Power, whom she really loved (after marrying another man whose name I forgot and who later died, leaving her a widow with a child).

You may remember that famous -- or infamous -- line when Power says to her in disbelief, "You, Katie, here in Africa fighting Zulus!"

When she later joined him at a dance, Agnes Moorehead, her child's nurse, tells her it's too soon (I think we can figure out what it was "too soon" for). But our gal Susan, always the one to question societal conventions, tells Agnes that:

"It's never too soon to live."

Way to go, Suz.

Re: Re: Re: More Susan Trivia -- Another Quote

Gloria...thanks...I should have known! I love Untamed..have seen it several times. It's shown quite often (with no commercials) on the Fox Movie Channel.