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Yakitty Yak message board

Hi Everyone... I've had an idea brewing (watch out! LOL).. for a while...All of you who participate on the Susan Hayward message board are so prolific and knowledgeable about movies in general. I've started working on setting up a separate message board from Susan's so that we can all feel free to talk about movies, tv, music (all old and new) and anything else in general ( this is a little scary.. ha)...but thought I'd give it a whirl. I'll place the url for the new message board on Susan's site and I'll also email all of you with the information. I think I can finish it up within the next few days....Thanks to everyone for your Susan participation and I want to keep that going. She is special to all of us and I really want to keep her pretty much separate and apart, but I feel the need for more of an "outlet" for us. Well, if you have any thoughts on this let me know. Thanks!

Re: Yakitty Yak message board

I think it's a great idea, Ginger. Susan will always be numero uno with me, and I think with all of your visitors on this site, but I like many other stars of classic movies.

I have a friend who is a real expert on current movies. In fact, she just returned to Philadelphia last Sunday from the Sonny Bono Film Festival in Palm Springs (I think it's still named after Sonny). She has lectured there in past years, too, so she's always giving me good advice on what flicks to see today. I must admit I don't always like the same kind that she likes (for example, she likes musicals and I don't). I don't go for "cutesy-poo" romantic films, either. (You can see I don't get to see many current films this way! That's why I love talking about the older classics.)

Let me know when it's set up. I'd love to participate whenever possible.

Incidentally, I think you get the weekly About.com newsletter on classic movies and stars, don't you? You could always pick out something being featured in it to "yak" about on your new site.

Good luck. I'm looking forward to seeing it.

Re: Re: Yakitty Yak message board

Thanks for your positive input, Gloria.
I've already learned something. I never knew there was such a thing as a Sonny Bono Film Festival!

I do not receive the about.com newsletter, but I'll probably sign up for it. I have had communication with "Brad" from about.com who has helped to promote my websites. I'm planning on putting the message board link on my other sites ---Audrey Totter, Robert Ryan, Shirley Temple, and Lucille Ball, and Jane Froman.. this should generate more action, hopefully.

Thanks again for the positive vibes..!!


Re: Yakitty Yak message board

I too, am looking forward to the new message board, and all the movie infomation that will no doubt come from it.
Bob H

Re: Re: Yakitty Yak message board

Start getting together your old movie theater manager days stories.. we wanna here them!! ... thanks for your note, Dad..

Re: Yakitty Yak message board

Yes indeed - great idea. Provided that it does not entail too much work for you Ginger as I am mindful how much time you already have to devote to your various sites.
But I guess once it is set up, it will pretty well run under its own steam.

I'm sure that most of the message board regulars would have interesting anecdotes which I agree are not totally appropriate to post on Susan's specific board.

As an example, for those who recall the 60's - Sandra Dee was recently picked up by police wandering dazed near her home. She has significant drug, alcohol, and anorexia problems. Oddly enough, there is a movie being made about Bobby Darin this year with Kevin Spacey playing the role.


Re: Re: Yakitty Yak message board

I'm with you there Gloria. I try to get to the Cinema as often as I can, but avoid those cotton candy romantic lightweight productions, and the testosterone fuelled youth market hits like "2 Fast 2 Furious", "Bulletproof Monk" etc. I also tend to find some popular comic actors like Adam Sandler fairly unfunny.

But in the midst of all that there are super films like "The Hours" and "The Quiet American" and many others that are an absolute joy to watch.


Re: Yakitty Yak message board

Kerry: It seems that you and I share many of the same interests in types of movies. Did you happen to see "My Architect?" I've seen both good and not-so-good reviews, so I'm kind of on the fence, especially since it's not playing around my area. It would require paying for parking in a center-city area of Philly. If you've seen it, please let me know if you think it's worth the trip and the money. Thanks.

Incidentally happy belated birthday. I hope it was a "wake-up-and-smell-the-roses" day for you. Around here it was a "get-up-and-try-to-break-up-the-ice" day. Oh, well...