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Susan in "Deadline at Dawn."

Ginger: I love the quote from "Deadline at Dawn" that you posted. In fact, I loved a lot about this film noir movie, especially the flippant dialogue she had. Just shows you how much better a picture is with good writing, in this case screenwriting by Clifford Odets.

The most amazing thing is that this was Susan's first picture after giving birth to her twins. She was 29 years old, and the part she played of a "night moth" (don't you adore that description?) was not of an older woman, yet here she was calling the sailor played by Bill Williams "Son" and it worked!

Somehow, nobody could play jaded ladies the way Susan Hayward could. And yet, she always showed a sensitive side in all her parts, even when she played Barbara Graham.

Do you think we'll ever see another actress like her?

Re: Susan in "Deadline at Dawn."

Susan was drop dead gorgeous in this film. She wore that black dress for 90 percent of the film and she was a knock out...her hair up... wow,did the camera ever love her!

No, I doubt we will see any actress comparable. She was truly unique...tough but so vulnerable..

Yes, the 'night moth' -- old beyond her years.. it seemed perfectly normal to be calling Bill Willams "son." He was so sweet, innocent, and naive, and she had "been around the block" a few times.

Women and men both liked Susan. I think this was a real talent she had. Women didn't feel jealous of her beauty and talent.. they related to her performances. She seemed to truly understand hard times ( well, of course she did!)