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Happy Birthday, Kerry - January 22nd!

Hi Kerry...well,of all things.. I start this little birthday listing idea and today is yours! Wonders never cease! I hope you are having a great day "down under." I guess it's about half over in Australia but just starting here in the USA. Below is a list of people who share your birthday! Have a great one!!.Here are the celebrities born January 22:

Ann Sothern 1905 actress, The Whales of August; voice of My Mother the Car

Bill Bixby 1934 actor, My Favorite Martian, The Incredible Hulk

Graham Kerr 1934 TV chef, The Galloping Gourmet

Joseph Wambaugh 1937 policeman turned writer

Peter Beard 193eight photographer

George Seifert 1940 former San Francisco 49ers coach

John Hurt 1940 actor, The Elephant Man, Contact

Linda Blair 1959 actress, The Exorcist

Michael Hutchence 1960 singer, INXS

Diane Lane 1965 actress, The Outsiders, The Full Monty

Re: Happy Birthday, Kerry - January 22nd!

Many thanks for the well wishes Ginger. I see I am in some interesting company below. Thanks to yourself and Andy Warhol, this is my 15 minutes of fame.



Re: Re: Happy Birthday, Kerry - January 22nd!

I have assembled a choir of Smiley Icons to wish you a Happy Birthday
But I can't get Grumpy Smiley to sing

Re: Re: Re: Happy Birthday, Kerry - January 22nd!

Thank you Cathy for the choir / chorus line of well wishing smileys. Nice of you to post.

Please don't worry because "grumpy" won't sing. He is not called "grumpy" for nothing.LOL