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Ann Miller---1922-1984

You all have heard of the passing today of Ann Miller at age 81. Lung cancer.
When I hear it rain on my roof, I'll think of her tap tancing.

Re: Ann Miller---1922-1984

She is a joy to watch on screen. Thank you, Ann.

And Captain Kangaroo

I not only had the joy of growing up with the Captain (Bunny Rabbit was my hero), I got to interview him when I worked for a newspaper near Dallas. It was my birthday and he wished me Happy Birthday.
He is missed, too.

Re: And Captain Kangaroo

Cathy..I'm glad you mentioned Captain Kangaroo.. alias Clarabelle and Bob Keeshan. I thought about him a lot yesterday. It was soothing to watch him before school in the mornings. My friend,Julie, (Celebrity Snapshots by Julie), I think, is going to
post a message soon about Bob Keeshan. I think she will be posting it on the new message board.