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Susan Trivia Question No. 1

What was the name of the high school English teacher who influenced Susan/helped her get into plays and encouraged her talent?....

Re: Susan Trivia Question No. 1

I think it was Florence Grady, or O'Grady -- something like that. Bless her, whatever her name was, for encouraging our gal.

Re: Re: Susan Trivia Question No. 1

Gloria.. you are close...It was Eleanor O'Grady.. here is a message I received in the Susan Hayward guestbook quite a while back. The note is about the 6th or 7th page in the guestbook I think.. but I'm copypasting it below. I thought it was really nice.
He didn't mention Eleanor O'Grady's name, but when I wrote him back, and mentioned Eleanor O'Grady, he told me that was to whom he was referring in his note.

Hi Ginger, Your site is a great tribute to one of the most powerful actresses motion pictures has ever had, or ever will. I have always felt a sort of "kinship" with Miss Hayward. Not only are my family and myself from Brooklyn, my mother attended Brooklyn's "Girls Commercial High School", and had the same english teacher as Miss Hayward. That was in the early forties. Mom told me how the teacher would talk about what Miss Hayward was like as a student and used her as an example to the girls of what hard work and determination can acheive. Susan Hayward, a great talent who will always be missed!

Re: Re: Re: Susan Trivia Question No. 1

What a great message, Ginger! Thanks for allowing me to see it. It just shows how important teachers are when they go "that extra mile."

I had a similar situation in high school with an English teacher who, by the way, was also Irish, and who encouraged me to write. I did as she suggested and had a wonderful career as an advertising writer who also published short stories.

I can't help wondering how many people like Susan and me fulfilled the expectations of their teachers, or at the very least, tried.