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Susan Trivia Question No. 2

At which Hollywood Studio did Susan first sign a contract?

Re: Susan Trivia Question No. 2

I know Susan was in a group of young actors including William Holden, Eddie Bracken and others who toured with Louella Parsons in her "Flying Stars" troupe (I think that's what it was called), and I'm pretty sure these people were, at that time, either under contract to Paramount or about to be under that banner, so I'll say Paramount.

Re: Re: Susan Trivia Question No. 2

Gloria.. she didn't start out at Paramount.. okay, I'll give it a little more time...someone else might come up with the answer...

Re: Re: Re: Susan Trivia Question No. 2

I just remember that Susan was brought out to HOllywood to test for the lead in "Gone With the Wind." So was her first contract with Samuel Goldwyn?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Susan Trivia Question No. 2

Gloria....Ben Medford, Susan's agent, helped her to get her first movie contract with Warner Brothers. She made two films--Campus Cinderella (which I've never seen.. it's a "short"), and Girls on Probation with Ronald Reagan which I believe I saw a long long time ago, but can't remember much about it. Afterwards. she signed on at Paramount.