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Susan Trivia Question No. 5

Who portrayed Susan's sister in Tap Roots?

Re: Susan Trivia Question No. 5

Ginger, I'm not too sure of this one. Was it Julie London? I know she was in one of Susan's early films, but it may have been another one...except I believe it was in a costume epic.

Re: Re: Susan Trivia Question No. 5

Yep, Gloria, you're right! Julie London! (BTW, I love Julie London's voice)

Re: Re: Re: Susan Trivia Question No. 5

I love her voice, too. Help me out with this question: was Julie London married to Jack Webb of "Dragnet" fame?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Susan Trivia Question No. 5

Yes, Julie London was married to Jack Webb, but they subsequently divorced.

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Oh? Juie London also was married, wasn't she, to Bobby Troup who wrote "Get your Kicks on Route 66. They appeared together on thatJack Webb show "Emergency.
But Julie London always had that sultry voice.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Susan Trivia Question No. 5 and Julie London

cs.. you're right..Below is a copypaste of Julie London's Obituary (she died in 2000 at the age of 74 from complications of a stroke she had suffered 5 years earlier.)
Ms. London was married to "Dragnet" star Jack Webb for five years, and was the widow of "Emergency!" co-star and jazz legend Bobby Troup, who penned the classic "Get Your Kicks on Route 66". They had been married for 39 years at the time of his death in February of 1999. In a tragically romantic twist, October 18th would have been Troup's 82nd birthday. Ms. London leaves five children, two stepchildren, and 4 grandchildren.

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"Emergency" Must have been an interesting situation for Ms. London--working with her cuurrent and ex-husband---but then, such situations must happen a lot in Holly-wood,

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Cathy...come join us at the newer message board if you'd like..we would love to have you...I'm still keeping Susan's as usual, but the new board is for more general stuff..trivia...fun stuff --favorite stars, music, movies.. etc...Ginger

You can get to the new message board from Susan's homepage...the link is on the lower left..just scroll down toward the bottom of the page.

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OH...WHY OH...WHY...wasn't I here for all of these wonderful trivias etc...!!!

Cathy (and all) there is quite a story about the EMERGENCY casting. I know this, because I had written a song for Julie, since she has always been my favorite (sultry) singer. My song is still in the library of congress copyrights, because it was a song that could have given that rise to the top that she had with "Cry Me A River". I'm not just saying this...it was said by BOBBY TROUPE when he heard the song.

Bobby was playing at the Smoke House, which as far as I know, still sits across the street from Warner Bros. studios in Burbank. He played the song...liked it a lot and said that he must have Julie hear it. This could be the big comback for her. My song is called..."Mr. Heartache Man".

Two weeks later BOTH Bobby and Julie's lives were tuned over topsy-turvey...Bobby was no longer at the
Smoke House and both were under contract for the new

Jack Webb was a good 'joe' and there were no hard feelings between he and Julie. The marriage just didn't work for neither of them. He liked Bobby and Julie and so, to their big surprise, he arrived at their home to give them the offer they had always dreamed of...working together as the main leads of his upcoming tv series. So....Julie became Dixie Mc Call....and never, ever heard..."Mr Heartache Man".

I'm told, all the time, that I should get this darned
song out there, using someone else, but no one had the flavor or flair needed for this song but Julie...
until now...and I would love to offer this song to DIANA KRALL, whom I feel has that Julie quality, plus her own styling.