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Jess Barker/The Night Walker/1965

Kerry...The film with Stanwwyck is The Night Walker, made in 1965. I have never seen it, but will be watching my local listings or looking for it at the video store. (BTW....Robert Taylor starred with Barbara Stanwyck in this film. I thought they were divorced before 1965 but I might be wrong.. Oh well, even if they were divorced, this doesn't mean they couldn't still make a film together.. LOL)

Re: Jess Barker/The Night Walker/1965

I have bemused myself.... hearing that Kerry was only a 'child' when he saw Baker with Stanwyck... ...(sorry Kerry...LOL)

Yes, Ginger, Taylor and Stanwyck were divorced long before this William Castle epic was made.... ..and for a Castle film, this one turned out pretty good, because of the caliber of stars that he had on hand.

Taylor and Stanwyck remained friends after their 'Hollywood-Planned Marriage'. What so many people in the 'real world' don't realize about Hollywood and 'amrraiges' is that many of them were planned by the studios, to gain more from the audiences. I KNOW..I LIVED THERE...and so what I say now, my 'stunn' some and may not...others here...
Both Taylor and Stanwyck were known to be bi-sexual so the marriage worked...Just like Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh...Troy Donahue and Suzanne Pleshette..or Suzanne Pleshette and whomever she married 'after' Troy...It's all part of the Hollywood magic...whether ya like it of not!! Errol