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Susan Trivia question No. 8

Susan starred in a film called "I Can Get It For Your Wholesale." What famous singer/actress/director starred in the play of the same title on Broadway?

Re: Susan Trivia question No. 8

Another strong woman -- Barbra Streisand, In the show with her was her then boyfriend (or maybe by then husband) Elliot Gould.

Re: Re: Susan Trivia question No. 8

Barbra Streisand -- yes... and here's another connection... Lillian Roth was in the Broadway play at the same time Streisand was in it (and of course Susan played Lillian in ICT)...also, you mentioned Elliot Gould.. My friend, Julie, (who was Lillian's friend and secretary for many years) remembers when Lillian was in the play. Julie used to wait backstage a lot and she told me that she remembers Barbra and Elliot Gould so lovey dovey kissy face all the time.. ha -- young lovers!