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Who's the phantom Chalkley?

A long time ago I read somewhere that there had been a woman or girl whose last name was Chalkley in one of Susan Hayward Chalkley's movies.

Do any of you Susan experts know what the movie was and what part this person played?

Re: Who's the phantom Chalkley?

Gloria - not a clue, not a glimmer. Absolutely no idea. I will be interested to learn.

(Now if you had left the question just at 'the phantom' I could have waffled away about Diana Palmer, Guran playing the tom tom outside the Skull Cave wearing his rice paddy hat, the poisoned arrows of the Bandar tribe etc. LOL )


Re: Who's the phantom Chalkley?

Gloria...The movie was "Thunder in the Sun" (1959)and
Susan allowed Eaton's daughter a small role in the film.

I'll look up more info on it for you. At present I can't remember her name. I even have a photo/still from the film of Susan with Eaton's daughter. I'll see if I can find it and email it to you.