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Below is a note from Tim Barker, Susan's son. It was left on the message board on February 4th. I just noticed it tonight,so I'm assuming since it was back within past pages of the message board that some of you may have missed it also. It is a very nice note, and very generous and kind of him to acknowledge the discussion about Florence... See below...

Florence was not a welcome guest in my mother's house.

My Grandmother usually stood in and made requests for financial assistance on Florence's behalf. Most were denied. I recall Florence coming to a location where I was working in Los Angeles in 1964 with her daughter. I was extremely embarrassed by Florence's behavior. She insisted that I convey a messages to my mother about her dire state of affairs. She also made a point of stalking me at the LA Courthouse during my first divorce

Looking back, I now realize that Florence, as well as my mother and her brother Wally came from a severely distressed family - emotionally distant and chaotic.

I am saddened by her passing as I have only learned of it by coming to this page. It is my hope that all three are now at peace with themselves and one another.

Timothy Barker

Re: Re:Florence

Ginger...I'm so happy to see this note from Timothy.
Like I had mentioned, a long time ago, I didn't like the way the book "RED" looked at this whole situation between mother and two daughters. That book seemed to show Susan as a non-caring and cruel sister to Florence, which I really felt was wrong. It seems that Susan had very good reasons for keeping a distance between Florence.

Thank you Tim...for what you have told us all.