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Ginger...and..All...My Apologies>>>

My Goodness....once I got started I just couldn't stop! I do apologize for being so long winded. Even the 'word counter' on my MAME experience, told me I had reached the 'limit'. Made me feel the same way it did that night I picked up my Oscar and they told me my time was UP....(NOT! ...Errol

I did want to say a real 'thank you' to Tim for sharing with the group. I would really like to know if Tim has read that book "Red" and if so, can he put any light on how that book came to life? It read, to me, as if the author did a lot of his homework with Florence.


Re: Ginger...and..All...My Apologies>>>

Errol.. thank you very much for sharing your experience with Mame --It was terrific and very enlightening.. and anytime you run out of run on the posts, just, start another one and make it Part2 or Part 3, etc. etc.. LOL

I'll get the Mame program out and see if I can put some info, at least on the message board, regarding the cast, etc. I would say I'll get it on the website, but sometimes I'm so slow, it might be next year before it gets there...no kidding!

Thanks very much and hope all goes well with your theater endeavors this summer... Ginger