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March 14

Hello everyone. Of course, on March 14, we will be remembering Susan Hayward, her special life and from whose many talents we have all greatly benefited.
If you click the url above, it will take you directly to a special poem linked from Susan's homepage. Many thanks to Gloria Druss for sharing her poetry in memory of Susan Hayward.....
Rest in peace, Susan...you are so well remembered.

Re: March 14

May I also compliment Gloria on her poetic words.

The ability of artists to reach into peoples minds and move their emotions, and at times, change lives was evident in the great literature, architecture, sculpture, painting etc of past centuries. What was not lost over time or destroyed, remains today.

The miracle of film in the 20th century, enabled the fleeting and unrecoverable art of the stage to be captured forever in a new medium and continue to reach people long after the artist has passed on.

Thanks to the magic of celluloid, Susan Hayward's wonderful body of work is also immortalised.

She is not forgotten.


Re: Re: March 14

You are so right, Kerry. We're very fortunate that we have film to keep artists like Susan Hayward, and so many other special people, alive in our hearts.

Re: Re: March 14

Just wanted to write a line to all you fans of our dear Susan....and I know our loving thoughts are with her. Kerry,you mentioned her 'body of work'..and what a body of work it was! Most movie goers will only remember her for her Oscar winning role, but if they ever got hooked on her talent and searched out her eariler films, they would have found, as we have done,
they would find her comedic side, her singing and the way she matured in each new film, until she had finally captured such a following, that even one country, (Ginger can explain about the fan) even felt she was a Godess. I remember reading that email from the gentleman (can't remember the samll country or his name either) and how he told Ginger that if a new Susan Hayward film was going to be showing, you had to plan in advance, in order to get into see her films. He also said it was completley quiet..no one speaking...as they all stared at the beautiful Susan up on that screen...

LIke the people from this group...they were mesmerized by her talent, beauty and the perminent hold her films would leave upon you for the rest of your life.

God be with you, dear Susan...We still love and miss you greatly...Errol

Re: March 14

You are not forgotten Susan dear, nor will you ever be. As long as life and memories last, we'll think of thee. Rest in peace Susan. I loved you in "I'll
Cry Tomorrow."