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"Adam Had Four Sons"....now out on DVD>>>

For those of you who love this movie as much as I do,
you might want to get a DVD copy..and at a Spring Sale discount!!

If you have a credit card you can order over the phone

If you want to see what else they have over internet:
P. O. BOX 749
ITASCA, ILL. 60143-0749

This movie is a 'must' for me!! Susan was such an evil little B***H that the first time I saw it...I was soo shocked that I actually yelled that outloud!
(no I wasn't in a theater...I was at home..and not alone!)

I also love this film, because Ingrid Bergman used to always say that Susan was her fovorite actress and loved the time they worked on this picture. I think Susan thought highly of Miss Bergman too!

Re: "Adam Had Four Sons"....now out on DVD>>>

Since I am probably the only person in the continental U.S. who does not have a DVD player, I have been looking for "Adam Had Four Sons" for a couple years on VHS and can't find it. I've also been looking for "House of Strangers" with no luck. Any suggestions? (Other than buying a DVD player, that is.)

Re: Re: "Adam Had Four Sons"....now out on DVD>>>

Gloria, I will be getting a DVD player in a couple of months, and I'll be glad to send you my copy of Adam Had Four Sons just as soon as I have the DVD. In fact, I have several of her movies on video that I have already bought the DVD. I'd be glad to send them to anyone who would like them.

Re: Re: Re: "Adam Had Four Sons"....now out on DVD>>>

You are an angel! I'd love to have them but would insist on paying for them. Let me know when you're ready, and I'll send you my address via e-mail.

Re: Re: Re: Re: "Adam Had Four Sons"....now out on DVD>>>

This film is also avaliable thru Columbia House vhs but you would have to join their club, which is buying 4 films in 2 years, which isn't a bad deal. If you go into Columbia House on the internet, they have a deal where you get so many free movies for joining and then the 4 films/2 yr set-up. I was a member of their vhs club for years and got a lot of Hayward films that way. Errol