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Gloria...that's pretty cool that you stayed in
the same hotel where Susan stayed when she was making "The Honey Pot." Which hotel was it? My daughter recently spent a couple of weeks in Rome. I can't remember the hotel in which she stayed. I'll have to check with her. Now I'm curious. (I'm assuming you weren't there at the same time Susan was there..correct?)

Re: Gloria/Hotel/Italy

Ginger, if I'd been there the same time as Susan, I don't think I'd ever have come home.

It was the Hilton in Rome.

Re: Re: Gloria/Hotel/Italy

Gloria, I hear ya loud and clear!

Kelly didn't stay at the Hilton--I would have remembered that name. She sure had a wonderful time, and didn't want to come home.. ha
She loved Italy. I hope I get to visit there someday.