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Movie Alert/Garden of Evil

Garden of Evil
135 minutes- USA, 1954

Directed by Henry Hathaway and starring
Gary Cooper, Susan Hayward, Richard Widmark
Hugh Marlowe, Cameron Mitchell, Rita Moreno
Victor Manuel Mendoza

Greed, jealousy and retribution plague three adventurers stranded in Mexico during the days of the gold rush.

Wed Mar 17 03:15P AMC- American Movie Classics

Eastern Standard Time

Re: Movie Alert/Garden of Evil

I remember reading at some point that while she was on location for Garden of Evil, for some reason she scratched Cameron Mitchell's face. I wonder if he came on to her and she wanted to teach him a lesson.

Re: Re: Movie Alert/Garden of Evil

Gloria..LOL.. could be I don't know... I do know, however, that she and Gary Cooper had good chemistry on screen. I wish we could have seen more of them together.

Re: Re: Movie Alert/Garden of Evil

Does sound like that sort of situation, Gloria, doesn't it ? A bit extreme a reaction for a standard argument or disagreement - he would have to have said / done something fairly unwelcome.

I heartily enjoy "Garden of Evil".Have not viewed it for quite some time, but still vividly recall that wonderfully orchestrated early scene with Cooper and Widmark playing cards in the taverna and I think Gary turns over the Queen of Diamonds.Richard says "The red queen" - and through the saloon doors comes Susan.