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A little trivia......

In a question and answer session with the audience on the Joey Bishop Show, in 1968, Susan was asked who was her all-time favorite male co star? What was her answer?

Re: A little trivia......

I believe it was John Wayne, Ginger. She seemed to think of him as a "real man." He must have had some hold on redheads since Maureen O'Hara was gushing over him the other day on "Good Morning, America."

Re: A little trivia......

I'm with Gloria here Ginger. I had a feeling that I read somewhere that John Wayne was her favourite male co-star. ( If true, Tommy will be pleased and wearing a smile LOL ).


Re: Re: A little trivia......

Hi Gloria and Kerry...You are both right..it was John Wayne (and I gave Tommy the good news in Ginger's Forum.. LOL).....John Wayne was probably respectful,
kind, considerate, charming, caring, and had a few other good qualities like strong, handsome,and lots of personality....who wouldn't pick him as a favorite?

Re: Re: Re: A little trivia......

Apparently, he could be a jokester, too. But his jokes sometimes backfired. Maureen O'Hara told of how she was supposed to "slap" him in one of their films, but when they did the scene, he put his hand up to block the slap and broke her wrist!

Yet she still went to Congress before his death in 1979 and pleaded for them to award him a medal (or plaque, not sure which) saying simply "John Wayne, American."

Re: Re: Re: Re: A little trivia......

He probably brought out and encouraged Susan's sense of humor.

Maureen O'Hara - She mentioned the broken wrist and
on her Larry King interview (this was in Jan., 2003 I believe.) Also, they had some
film clips of her before Congress.I remember Elizabeth Taylor was sitting by her side.

BTW --If you're interested in reading the transcript of the Larry King show, you should be able to find it on CNN.com ..just find the Larry King link. If you have trouble finding it, I'll help... Ginger

Re: A little trivia......

I have to comment on this one, because I was there,
backstage at the Joey Bishop show and remember it soo

Joey asked Susan..."Of all the top male stars that you have worked with, who is your favorite"

Susan did pause for a moment, before anwsering and then she said..."I think it would have to be THE DUKE".

STUPID...Don Rickles, leans forward in his chair and
looks across at her...then says..."WHO?"

Susan...snaps back at him (because it was obvious both on and off the show, she didn't like this man!"

Rickles was taken back a little and stumbled through it all. John Wayne had been called THE DUKE for years,
so Susan got even with him for his off handed remark
about her doing "Valley of the Dolls"..GO SUSAN!

Re: Re: A little trivia......

Hey, Errol. What "offhanded remark" did Rickles say about Susan's appearance in "Dolls?"

Re: A little trivia......

Gloria...We all know how Don Rickles tries to make his comedy work...taking pot-shots at others. Sometimes it just doesn't work! And it didn't with Susan!

During the show, Rickles says to Susan.."Susan, what really bothers me...is...WHY..did you make this film?"
She was actually on the show to promote the film and to promote an orginast that she was fond of from Florida. Ricles had been bad mouthing "Valley of the Dolls" as not being a very good film and now had hit her with this!

She glared across at him and with no hesitation at all retorted..."TO BUY GAS FOR MY BOAT!"

That shut him up really good and the audience was on Susan's side, knowing that she had just CUT DOWN THE CUTTER-OWN OF ALL TIME! (HA)

If you haven't read MY FOOLISH MOUTH..on Ginger's site you might want to check out the rest of this memorable night for me, since the 'Rickels' thing did continue backstage...in a different way!


Re: Re: A little trivia......

I'm sure a comic like Don Rickles knows when he's gone too far. And Susan would have been just the kind to let him know. I had read about your meeting with her backstage. She was probably still ticked at Rickles.

I know she brought an organist there -- was his name Jack Frost or something like that? Since I've not heard of him since, I guess her appearance didn't have the hoped-for result.

Re: Re: Re: A little trivia......

Hi Gloria..Yes, his name was Jack Frost. I haven't heard of him either. I may be wrong, but I think I recall her saying on that Joey Bishop show that she took lessons from Jack Frost.

Joey Bishop, Don Rickles, and Regis all seemed to be in awe of Susan that night.. the audience too.. who wouldn't be! It was a very special evening for tv-land.. a very rare appearance.