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Celebrity Snapshots By Julie

Hi Everyone...If you haven't gotten a chance to look at Julie's website, you are in for a treat. Julie has had the most remarkable life. She was a friend and secretary to Lillian Roth for many years, and prior to that, she photographed some of the greatest of all classic film stars. These are personal photographs and her scrapbook is full of Julie's photos taken with these stars. Wow, what a life! I'm a little green with envy, Julie!...but I do love you and your website. This is a treat all of you won't want to miss! BTW..there is a great photo of Julie with Susan Hayward..Scrapbook Section I...page 4...Julie says Susan was so nice that day and very willing to have her photo taken with Julie.........Ginger

Re: Celebrity Snapshots By Julie

You are not the only one "green with envy" Ginger. I am not just green but possibly, emerald, jade, olive, chartreuse, vert, avocado, pea and chlorophyll.!! Truly some wonderful shots on Julie's site.

But good for her - the stars didn't knock on her door through life, to be snapped with her,- she went out and made it happen. She is a delightful lady with a fascinating history.


Re: Re: Celebrity Snapshots By Julie

She has such wonderful stories...I've been to her home several times and visited with her over the phone. I've just thought of a neat idea....maybe I should set-up an "Ask Julie" section...we could mine some of her treasures...maybe she would go for it????....hmmm...the wheels are turning...

Re: Re: Re: Celebrity Snapshots By Julie

I, too, have gone back to Julie's wonderful photos many times, and I appreciate the fact that she's shared them with all of us. It was great to know that Susan was gracious when asked to pose. Some stars would probably have deliberately snubbed her, but not someone classy like our Susie.

It would be wonderful if you could get Julie to share her memories in a Q&A format on your website, Ginger. It seems she's led a fascinating life and met many famous people. We'd love to dish the dirt with her!

Re: Celebrity Snapshots By Julie


Thank you for always saying such nice things about my photos. I am forever indebted to you for all your help and infinite patience in teaching me how, step by step, to build a website. Without you to guide me, there would be no "Celebrity Snapshots By Julie."

And thank you, Peter, Kerry, and Gloria for your generous compliments. It's thrilling to know you are enjoying my pictures. As for questions, I'll gladly try to answer some -- so ask away!


Re: Re: Celebrity Snapshots By Julie

Hi,Julie. Since you were close to Lillian Roth for many years, I have to ask you whether, during Lillian's salute to Susan Hayward after Susan's death, Lillian was in some way mocking Susan's version of "When the Red,Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob,Bobbin' Along."

I've read that Lillian was upset that they used Susan's voice in the film instead of her own and that this was meant as a rebuke to Susan.

I find this hard to believe, but you never know.

Re: Re: Re: Celebrity Snapshots By Julie

Hi Gloria,

Lillian was in no way deriding Susan's singing. It would have been a slur to Susan's memory if Lillian had ignored her death rather than insert a personal commentary. By the way, this very same exaggerated version of "Red Red Robin" had always been a part of Lillian's nightclub act.

It IS true that Lillian, who had spent all her life perfecting her own unique singing style, was crushed to pieces when informed that her famous voice would be replaced by Susan's. To Lillian, it was like being cut in half. That was in 1954. For anyone to suggest that Lillian took revenge on Susan in a 1975 concert, in the form of a tribute, is a bit of a stretch. Gloria, what you heard/read was just another unfounded rumor.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Celebrity Snapshots By Julie

Hi, Julie. Thanks for clearing up that business about Lillian "mocking" Susan. I'd read it somewhere, maybe in one of the books written about Susan. I can't remember which one, but as I said in my message to you, I found it hard to believe.

Incidentally, I'd also read that it wasn't Susan's decision to do the singing in the film. Would you know if that's true and, if so, who made the decision? I don't blame Lillian for being upset. After all, it was HER life, so I feel it should have been her singing.

Anyway, thanks again for setting me straight.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Celebrity Snapshots By Julie

Gloria ... I believe Susan's contract contained the singing clause. I know for sure that Lillian tried to persuade Susan to change her mind, but Susan wouldn't budge.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Celebrity Snapshots By Julie

Hi Julie and Gloria...I truly think it was a mistake not to have had Lillian's voice be used in the film.
I can understand why this must have broken Lillian's heart...not to have had her own voice used. As in With a Song in My Heart, when Susan mimed Jane Froman's voice, I think Susan would have been just as successful in miming Lillian's in ICT. Susan had a pleasant enough voice, but it wasn't powerful enough
to bring justice to the musical numbers..