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The Conqueror/a quote

"Susan never looked lovlier, red hair and pale skin against the desert sand and sky, exercising her divine right as a movie star..being all things to all people.".......Bronte Woodward, "Susan Hayward: She Always Came Back,"....Los Angeles Times Calender, April 27, 1975.

Re: The Conqueror/a quote

It's quite true, she was extraordinarily beautiful in that ill fated film. For me, there was a trio of movies in the early 50's where her "look' was similar, mainly due to the era being re-created ie "David and Bathsheba", " Demetrius and the Gladiators" and of course " The Conqueror".


Re: Re: The Conqueror/a quote

My favorite 50's look of Susan are "I Can Get it for You Wholesale" with the long hair and the 'model' look and then with the bobbed hair in "With a Song in my Heart" and...she looked fantastic in "The Lusty Men"...also with shorter hair. I did not care for her hair styles in the 60's...(uggh) in "the Marriage-Go-Round". The look in "Back Street" was okay, but not the perfect 'fit to the face' that she had in the shorter hair of the 50's. Let's face it! There was so much 'Bad Hair' during the 60's that Susan was lucky to stay with what she was doing, instead of some of that 'twists and boufounts' that some of the other actresses were trying and boy did they look like 'outer space dogggs!'.... Errol

Re: Re: Re: The Conqueror/a quote

Errol... you're right about the 60's hair. I saw Dorothy Kilgallen on What's My Line this past week and she had this huge bow in her bouffant hair style..she looked like she was about to be launched straight into orbit... LOL

P.S. I always loved Susan's hair in anything she did. It was such an asset to her beauty. As you mentioned above, I thought it was especially lovely in With A Song In My Heart.

Re: Re: Re: Re: The Conqueror/a quote

Of the three costume epics, she looked best in Demetrius and gladiators. The slanty eyebrows in "Conquror" (or Smash Up for that matter) do not complement Susan's face and eyes.