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Academy Awards/Susan Hayward's Final Appearance/1974

Hi everyone... I got a note from someone asking an interesting question and I'm not sure of the answer.
Maybe you can remember and help us out.
Here is it:
All Hayward fans know that at her last Oscar appearance, Charlton Heston escorted her onstage.
Who introduced her?

I think it was either Jack Lemmon or David Niven, but I really don't recall for sure. I know that they were co-hosts along with Carol Burnette and one other person that night. I'm leaning toward David Niven..
Anyone have any thoughts ont his?....thanks...Ginger

Re: Academy Awards/Susan Hayward's Final Appearance/1974

I found the answer in "Red."
David Niven...and this is what he said.."and to help me present the award is someone very dear to all of us...She is no illusion. Ladies and Gentlemen Susan Hayward!"