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A Question for Tim....on...Happier Times>>>

Hi Tim...I was wondering if you could tell us your opinion of your mother's happiness, after marrying Eaton and movng to the south? Do you think she was more happy...away from Hollywood and films...and was life better for her as just being a wife?

From what you said, eariler, it seems that alcholisim was a hard row for her in Hollywood. Did the drinking lessen in Gerogia?

It couldn't have been an easy time for you boys with the drinking and the ugliness that it causes. I know, because I came from a hard drinking stepfather and dad. I swore I would never turn out that way...but to my disbelief, I wound up the same way they did...ugly when drunk and not even the same person, as when sober. Did you find that to be true with your mom?

I hope we are not getting too personal with questions about her and if so, I apologize. Unlike your mom, I was able to change my direction and have had my disease under control for many years...but will always be known as an alcholic....