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Los AngelesMirror-News/quote

"Susan Hayward was sometimes called 'The Sphinx' because she rarely talked about herself."....Dick Williams, "The Hayward Mystery," Los Angeles Mirror-News, April 27, 1955, Part II, Page 4.

.......This had to be a rarity and very refreshing since most actresses can hardly wait to be in the spotlight and YAK about how important they are....Ginger..

Re: Los AngelesMirror-News/quote

Let's face it. She would not have been one of the "guests" who make the rounds of talk shows hawking their movie, or book, or just themselves. More power to her. I'm got so tired of seeing the same old promoters day after day that I simply stopped watching the talk shows.

Re: Re: Los AngelesMirror-News/quote

Gloria... there is no mystique to the stars any more..
which makes them much less interesting. I guess they are accessible more but it's overkill these days. In the old days (listen to me--I've arrived at old age.. ha)...we appreciated all the little info we got about our favorite stars because they just weren't that "available" to us as real people. The mystery is gone, and that's sad.

Re: Re: Re: Los AngelesMirror-News/quote

I was no fan of Joan Crawford, but I agree with one thing she said -- and did. She always said that her fans expected her to look like a star when she was out in public, so she did.

Today you not only see them out in public in jeans with patches on them, boobs practically out, hair messed up, etc. (as depictured in magazines whose photographers are only too happy to picture them that way)... but they actually show up on TV dressed as though the show was a pit stop on their way to the supermarket.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Los AngelesMirror-News/quote

Forgive my booboo in saying "depictured." Of course, I meant "depicted."

That's what happens when your keyboard is in a rush (as opposed to the person using it, natch!).

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Los AngelesMirror-News/quote

Don't worry about it.. I make typos a lot on these posts...no problem and everybody understands...once you've posted, there's no turning back...!!

P.S. Well, I guess we could "preview" the messages, but that's a heck of a lot of trouble... LOL