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Understanding Susan....and what she was going through>>

After hearing what Tim had to say, in the previous message post, it is easy to see why things were so hard for Susan all of her life.

For those of you who have not had to deal with alcholisim, let me tell you that it can shatter your life...make you fear all other people...rip you from all success you may have aquired...hate yourself..wish for death..and on and on. It is only when you can hit rock bottom (and that is different for each individual alcholic) that you finally realize if you don't get help, you will die...or go insane, which will eventually take your life one way or another.

It is no wonder that Susan was nominated for two Oscar's in roles as an alcholic. She knew, first hand, the horror and hardships drinking can put on an individual...AND..everyone involved with that alcholic individual. She was noted for saying that "I'll Cry Tomorrow" was her best work. I always thought it was her best work too, but still pick "With a Song in my Heart" as my favorite of her films. In "Smash-Up, the Story of a Woman" she portrayed a woman who let her career slip, in order that her husband might gain a bigger career than her own. Both films probally had a lot to do with her real life, eventhough the first film would not play upon her life until a few years later on.

It seems to me that alochol played a big part in Jess and Susan's marriage, now that Tim has told us that they both had this disease. And it IS a DISEASE..make no mistake in that fact!

I have always thought that Jess never stopped loving Susan. I think it has been mentioned before, that he was one who never said anything bad about her. It's very sad that they didn't have a better chance in making their marriage work. This may have been one of the big problems that drove them apart.