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The Titianettes

The Titianettes was a national organization of redheads. In 1939, it elected Susan Hayward their 1939 queen. "Still unattached, Miss Hayward is considered one of Hollywood's loveliest and most eligible young ladies." ......."Biography of Susan Hayward (Paramount Contract Player)," July 1940, p. 3

Re: The Titianettes

Ginger I have always been curious about the word "Titian" used as a descriptive adjective for the colour red.

He was certainly one of the greatest painters of the Renaissance and his canvas colours were unprecedented at the time for sumptuousness and richness of hue.

Do you happen to know how it derived that his name has become a type of red like scarlet or crimson etc as opposed to other colours.?


Re: Re: The Titianettes

Hi Kerry...I'll be very honest with you.. I have never heard of that particular painter.. duh...so I don't know the answer to your question. That might be a good question for the FORUM. You might get an answer from one of those folks over there. (I should have taken an art history class when I had the chance.. ha)