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I recieved my dvd of ADAM HAD FOUR SONS the other day and finally got time to watch it last night. I was so worried that it would be like the vhs...looking a little old and worn in places. To my happy suprise, it is flawless and very crisp b/w with none of the slight 'quick movements' because of film splicing, that was on a few places of the vhs.

I got the vhs from Columbia Video about four years ago and at that time, I had to 'wait' for another shipment of the film to get to the company. I was told by the lady on the phone, that it had 'sold like hot cakes...What's this movie about? Neveer heard of it!' I was happy to tell her of schemeing Susan and the loved govoneress Ingrid..both giving brilliant performances. She said she HAD to get her own copy of it...once the new shipments came in. I assured her she would not regret it!

That was a few years back and now this film is getting to be quite well known because of the stars.
The 'selling' thing, on the new dvd, is it's Oscar winning stars...Warner Baxter (Best Actor.."In Old Arizona")...Ingrid Bergman (Best Supp. Actor.."Murder on the Orient Express") and Susan Hayward (Best Actor in "I Want To Live!")

I thought it was kind of funny that they used Bergman's performance in a supporting role, instead of her Best Actress role in "Anastasia"...But it sure made Susan look good...Best Actress and Bergman Best Supporting Actress.

Don't get me wrong! Like Bergman very much..But LOVE SUSAN...VERY MUCH!!

BOTTOM LINE...If you get a chance to buy this dvd I think you will be very happy with the outcome. I think it is wonderful to see Susan as the evil Hester!
It wasn't her style to be so nasty... [ Errol


Hi Errol..Thanks for the info regarding the Adam Had Four Sons dvd. I'll be getting this one for sure. I had mentioned the film in the post below (April 7th-with an interesting quote about the film by Susan herself).

This was the film in which Susan had said that Ingrid Bergman had been so helpful to her. You loved to hate Susan as "Hester" in this one -- which proves what an excellent job she did in the film. She held her own as pretty much of a newcomer with the excellent cast. I'm glad this film is getting it's just due.