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Geneology...on Susan...and...John Wayne>>>

Hi Gang...I was home last week to celebrate my mom and my own birthday's...Her's the 19th and mine the 20th.

While I was there I looked up an old friend I hadn't seen in 40 years. She is and always has been a Susan fan, just like us. She even named her last daughter, Susan, after her favortie star. Her name is Sharon and she does a lot of geneology for the LDS (mormon)

Sharon told me that, the week before my arrival, she had come across geneology that had been done on both Susan and John Wayne, through the LDS church. What she doesn't know is...'who'...might have ask for the history of their families backgrounds. I suggested it could have been someone that knew them both, while filming in southern Utah...or it could be someone in their families, who had asked the church to do a family background.

The LDS church is one of the best, when it comes to geneology. I'm glad that someone has asked to have both stars traced back and see who might be in their families and a trail, showing the families from generation, to generation.

It was definatley for Susan and Wayne, since it is listed under their 'real' names.