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JESS BARKER...western now showing on Western Channel>>

This month the western channel is showing THE PEACEMAKER...(1956) with JESS BARKER in supporting role. Stars are James Mitchell and Rosemarie Bowe, also Dorothy Patrick. Just incase anyone wants to check it out.

By the way...has 'everyone' gone over to the 'other'
message board and given this one on Susan up?? Sure looks that way to me, since you can tell how many posts per day are on the 'other' message board and how few are ever posted here anymore.

I for one, would rather find things pertaining to Susan and anything related to her, rather than spend my time talking about 'jokes, politics, and who knows what else'.

Sorry...but had to open 'my foolish mouth' ONE MORE TIME....!! Post where you want...but seems we have given very little attention to Susan since the 'other' message board was put in. Now I'm in big trouble with everyone. That's okay, no one ever responds to my comments here anymore, sine I put in that I am an alocholic. Ginger is the only one who has responded to 'anything' I have put on here since then. Don't think I'm leaving...I've helped put too much into how much I respect Susan...so I will be around...like it or not! THE A/A MEMBER


Re: JESS BARKER...western now showing on Western Channel>>

Hi Errol..

Thanks for letting us know about Jess Barker in the "Peacemaker." I'll make sure I watch it. I've only see one of his films "Scarlet Street", but I thought he was excellent in it and quite a handsome man..very striking onscreen...a good actor too.

I think probably Susan's message board is moving along as usual.... Often the posts are few and far between.... It's all kind of sporadic... That seems to be the way it's always been on this board.. it's a more elitist type of message board.

"Ginger's Forum" is meant to be separate and apart from Susan's. It's just for fun and some of the people who frequent that board aren't as "in" to Susan's life and career as we are...it's just a different group for the most part.. although some of us frequent both boards. They are just be looked upon as totally separate.

I don't think anyone means to be neglectful of this message board.

I'm proud of this message board and appreciate the posts and interests...it's just not going to move as fast as a general "free for all" discussion board.

I've always appreciated your input, Errol, and I know that you have the deepest respect and appreciation for Susan Hayward, her life, and career....

Re: JESS BARKER...western now showing on Western Channel>>

Hi, Errol. You've voiced my exact feelings, which I've told Ginger by e-mail. I'm mainly interested in finding things out about Susan, too. Everything else is secondary. I had put several questions about Susan and her movies on here, but the only one who answered was Ginger!

Be assured that I always check on here. Unfortunately, I don't have cable, so I couldn't check out Jess's role in the western; wish I could. I'm interested in information on him as well.

Incidentally, I can't speak for anyone else, but I admire you for admitting on here that you are a member of AA. My best friend died at age 51 from a heart attack related to alcoholism, after coming back for near death several years before from Hepatitis. And I worked for a man who was an alcoholic who, like you, found help at AA.

Anything you want to put on here about Susan is welcome news to me. And now that I know you're checking in, I'll do the same again.

Take care,


Re: Re: JESS BARKER...western now showing on Western Channel>>

Hi Gloria....Good to hear from you again! Also, thank you for the things you said on A/A and God love you, for helping anyone involved with the disease.

I put the thing on about Jess Barker, because there had been some in the group, who had asked about his films...and at that time, there was even 'conversaton' about him and his career...But not this time. Guess it depends 'who' puts on the info and 'who' wants to talk with 'whom'...??

I will continue to report on everything I can, involving Susan/Jess and the likes, involving 'our' favorite leading lady!

I put on the thread of her geneology being checked and figured someone might be interested in that, but I really feel it was because it was coming from me. So be it! Life goes on...doesn't it??

I thought it was very good on "The Peacemaker" that they had given Jess one of the top billings and his role, in the film, was quite well done. It is a b-b/w western, but was done very well. Keep checking...I'm sure it will appear on the western channel again soon.


Re: JESS BARKER...western now showing on Western Channel>>

Errol - I admire you for joining AA. I had an uncle who drank himself to death because he never would admit to being an alcoholic. It takes courage to admit you have a problem and to work to overcome it. Keep up the good work.