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Question for Gloria

Gloria - firstly, I hope you are near full recovery from the eye procedure ?
Do you recall a while back, Ginger posted a movie alert for "Valley of the Dolls" and you mentioned that you had not seen it as it was fairly trashy ? (Very true.) Ginger and I then urged you to view it anyway as Susan was great and there were some good lines at times.?
I noticed Ginger's post of 17th of May with VOTD showing again and wondered if you weakened and watched it the previous time it was screened ??


Re: Question for Gloria

Hi, Kerry. I'm still having problems with the eye, which is frustrating. I see the opthalmologist on June 4th at which time I hope to get some answers. Thanks for asking.

No, I still haven't seen Valley of the Dolls. I've seen a couple scenes from it with Susan, on her A&E bio, which I have, and on the Internet. As usual, she looked gorgeous and I could tell that the person she played was probably based on Ethel Merman. I know that she was heads and shoulders (and wigs) above the rest of that cast. But to see that picture would only remind me that, unfortunately, Susan did make some stinkers for the money, and that saddens me.

Re: Re: Question for Gloria

I more than understand Gloria.In any case if you have seen some snippets featuring Susan from VOTD, then you have probably seen a large part of her appearance in it anyway. It was not a significant role in terms of exposure in screen time, but she certainly owned the scenes she did feature in.

Sorry to hear that the eye is still giving discomfort and problems. Best wishes for a good result on June 4th ( or why not sooner !!)


Re: Re: Re: Question for Gloria

Gloria...you may also want to know, if you don't already, that Susan did this film when they had to fire Judy Garland from the role and the word was that Susan said she would do the role...only if they paid Garland her full salary. Now...I don't know if this is true or not..but that's what was said by many in Hollywood.

Also...to mention that it is Margaret Whiting's voice that Susan is lip/sinc on the song in the film.


**Told you on a private email that I would not post anymore on here...but did want to tell you this.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Question for Gloria

Hi, Errol. Yes, I did know about Garland and Whiting. It just shows you that, whatever Susan's faults were, she was a caring person. It also makes me angry when I hear how "cold" she was supposed to be. I think she was a private person and, having had a best friend who was an alcoholic, this may be another reason Susan didn't get too close to people. But, like Susan, Marianne was a very caring person.

With all of this said, however, I still have no plans to watch this movie. Crap is crap, no matter who's in it. I just wish Susan had been more selective with some of the movies she did, although she always seemed above the stories and, at least in this flick, above the other "actors," too.