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Susan Hayward Recordings and Sound Clips

Hi Everyone,

I've started a new page on Susan's.. the link is just under the title of the homepage on the left..at the top on Susan's page... click the above url...I only have one recording on there now, but hope to have maybe a few others and some sound bites from movies. The ICT recording with Susan singing is an mp3 file..it might take a little time to download if you don't have dsl or cable.. but it's worth listening to.. especially if you have never heard her sing ICT or if it's been a long time since you've heard it. This is the theme song in the film.

Re: Susan Hayward Recordings and Sound Clips

If you get that "temporarily unavailable" message when you click the sound clips page url, you might try checking back later.. this is something I'll have to work on...but I'll figure it out because I would like to have some of these recordings and clips available..if it's a problem listening to, I'll keep trying work on it and get it right.. thanks.. ( I hope you'll be able to hear it)

Re: Re: Susan Hayward Recordings and Sound Clips

Susan does a wonderful job singing the titel song. I have the CD with all the songs which includes "Just One of Those Things" written by Cole Porter. I didn't know the title song ICT was written by Johnny Mercer.

Re: Re: Re: Susan Hayward Recordings and Sound Clips

Ginger, I don't know if it's my computer or what, but I'm getting the singing "doubled" -- not clear. If Ray got it okay, then I guess it's on my end.

Re: Re: Re: Susan Hayward Recordings and Sound Clips

Ray, I think Alex North wrote the music for the ICT used in the film....maybe Mercer wrote the words??..
I'll check on that.. I have the music around here.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Susan Hayward Recordings and Sound Clips

Hi Gloria.. I'm getting it clear through my computer, but there is still that "data transfer" problem..it seems that if the page is looked at more than once or twice.. one has to wait another hour to look and listen again.. I'm working on getting the music into a larger and stronger space...I'm sorry you couldn't hear it well...I'll put some clips on later.. and maybe those will work better since they are smaller files..