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Sunday school lesson

I am working on an adult Sunday school lesson for our church involving "Faith and Film," focusing on Biblical life lessons we can learn from some movies.
They range from "The African Queen," (The BEST secular film focusing on the Christian Journey, focusing on the importance of gettting along and perserverance) to "Gorillas in the Mist" (The dangers of turning a calling into an obsession).
Obviously I could think of Several SH films to include,(Besides the Bible epics) but wouldn't you agree that "I'll Cry Tomorrow" is the strongest contender for a lesson. It focuses on family relationships and reliance on a higher power. That scene where she says "God, help me," then falls INTO the room is a powerful display of God's providence and intervention.

Re: Sunday school lesson

Well...how well agree with you on this one! We alcholics become closer to God though the serenity prayer, that is shared by all alcholics and many who are not with this disease have found it so helpful in their lives.

There is many spritual things about this film. A woman who had lost all hope of ever finding a cure for what, in those days, was not known as a disease.

God and spiritualsim is what saved her and many of us.


Re: Sunday school lesson

Might I also suggest...I'd Climb the Highest Mountain which is so spritual and earthy...A film most everyone can relate to as a learning tool in trusting in God. Errol

Re: Re: Sunday school lesson

Errol, I'd Climb The Highest Mountain is an excellent film for CS's Faith/Films study. The story of the country preacher and his new wife (played by Susan) is an inspiring one. The young preacher just wants to share his faith and preach the Word. His new wife loves him but doesn't understand his God.. not until she has experienced the love of the people in the community, the tragedy of the death of the young son of an atheist, and the loss of her own child did she began to find her own faith and knowledge of God.

BTW, my mom has taught Sunday School for many years. This is probably her all-time favorite movie. I made a copy of it for her when she was here at Christmas so she could watch it whenever she wanted. She cries every time she sees it and so do I....it's good stuff.

Re: Re: Re: Sunday school lesson

Hi Ginger....Yes..I agree that this is a very good study in how God works in our daily lives. For some reason, this film is not talked about as much as other Susan films are...I don't really know why. Maybe it's that she is playing a rural wife of a preacher and that was really not her 'style' if you want. She is not drenched in fancy costumes and her hair is pinned up, mostly under hats...but we all know our dear Susan...and she did a splendid job in this fine and very down to earth film.

There are also her co-stars William Lundigan as her husband and Lynn Bari as the refined, rich woman who Susan thinks is out to snag her husband...and the wonderful performance of Alexander Knox as the 'unbeliver' father of the children and fatal death of one of them.

The beautiful Georgia rural country is all you need to balance out a cast and story to make this a truly family film full of inspiration for all who watch it.

Now...I think I have to pull that one out and watch it on this beautiful Sunday afternoon. What could be a better way to spend the rest of my only day off from these long rehearsals for our opening of the summer shows.

By the way, we open this week...on Wed for preview performances of WEST SIDE STORY and Thurs for GUYS AND DOLLS...I will now have more time to check in with all you fans...Much Love to All...Errol

Re: Re: Re: Re: Sunday school lesson

OH...HOW 'BAD' OF ME...to forget to include the handsome, young RORY CLAHOUN as the guy full of wild-oats, who has his eye out for SUSAN..in this film.

This film was 1951....two years before they would work, together again, in the beautiful Jane Froman classic... WITH A SONG IN MY HEART...